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Women's Health & Fertility Center

Supported by the nurturing expertise of our team and the ancient wisdom of acupuncture & Chinese medicine, your body's innate healing capacity will create FERTILE GROUND, connecting you to the health, well-being and family you've been working so hard to achieve.

Meet Our Practitioners

  • Kara Yorkhall

    Kara Yorkhall

    Kara founded Fertile Ground in 2007 with the goal of offering holistic support for women who are trying to conceive, who are pregnant or postpartum. Kara offers education, acupuncture, personalized Chinese herbal prescriptions and other therapies to empower patients.

  • Lauren Mathews

    Lauren Mathews

    Lauren holds bachelors degrees in Spanish and International Development from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN.

  • Dawn Pivec

    Dawn Pivec

    Dawn has a MA from Hazelden Graduate School and has extensive experience working with mental health, addiction, and male factor infertility. She has a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences University and is board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

  • Jessica Noble

    Jessica Noble

    Jess graduated from Center Point Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School in the EastWest program. She has a thorough understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She focuses her practice toward women's health care.

What our patients say

  • Thanks for everything - you truly helped put me at ease with the embryo transfer, and I believe you helped the little guy decide to implant and stay around.  

    S.L. New Orleans, LA,

  • The dream to become a mother is incredibly powerful and when one adds infertility into the equation it becomes one of the hardest things a person may pursue in their lifetime. In my life and career I am a person who had always relied on Western medicine as my basis for healing. I was not aware or sure of the Eastern medicine tools to healing and infertility. Through my journey to become a mother I met with Kara for acupuncture. The treatments as well as her advice on health, nutrition, and well-being helped me to be more relaxed, more forgiving, and more compassionate during a very trying time. I am pleased to admit that the acupuncture and the words of wisdom that I received from Kara did indeed help me then as well as now in my new life as a mother of a 10 month old. Kara, thank you!!

    S.K. Minneapolis, MN,

  • Before working with Kara, I had been through a lot of testing, doctors and no explanation as to why I couldn't get pregnant. Kara helped me to get into a more balanced state and to listen to my body and its needs. I now have beautiful twin boys and I have Kara to thank for them!

    N.L. Shakopee, MN,

  • My husband was diagnosed with low sperm motility and low fertilization rates. I had a luteal phase defect and we had been trying to get pregnant for over three years. Before starting treatment with Kara we had done a few cycles with Clomid, gotten pregnant, but had an early miscarriage. After working with Kara for six months and my husband for three months we got pregnant. I was of course nervous, but the pregnancy went well and I now we have a healthy one year old daughter. Thank you Kara!

    J.H. Cannon Falls, MN,

  • I came to see Kara because I was past my due date and my midwives wanted to induce me and I wanted to try to go into labor naturally. After two acupuncture treatments I went into labor naturally and had a smooth labor and delivery. Kara’s calm presence and knowledgeable experience were very helpful during such a big transition.

    U.E. Minneapolis, MN,