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Women's Health & Fertility Center

Acupuncture is an ancient therapeutic art, which scientific research has shown can be of benefit in the treatment of a wide range of health concerns, including infertility and pregnancy. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine work with the body?s natural healing capabilities to restore balance and health to your body, mind and spirit.

Meet Our Practitioners

  • Kara Yorkhall

    Kara Yorkhall

    Kara founded Fertile Ground in 2007 with the goal of offering holistic support for women who are trying to conceive, who are pregnant or postpartum. Kara offers education, acupuncture, personalized Chinese herbal prescriptions and other therapies to empower patients.

  • Lauren Mathews

    Lauren Mathews

    Lauren holds bachelors degrees in Spanish and International Development from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN.

  • Meghan Berg

    Meghan Berg

    Meghan specializes in women's health and has a primary interest in fertility, pregnancy, and post-partum care.

  • Dawn Pivec

    Dawn Pivec

    Dawn has a MA from Hazelden Graduate School and has extensive experience working with mental health, addiction, and male factor infertility. She has a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences University and is board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

  • Jessica Noble

    Jessica Noble

    Jess graduated from Center Point Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School in the EastWest program. She has a thorough understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She focuses her practice toward women's health care.

  • Jennifer Ingvoldstad

    Jennifer Ingvoldstad

    Jennifer finds her specialty to be in working with clients who have chronic pain, injuries, recovering from medical procedures, women with menstrual, reproductive or digestive issues, and working with pregnant women and new mothers.

What our patients say

  • I have seen Jess throughout my fertility journey, both while trying to conceive and throughout pregnancy on a regular basis. She is a very intuitive and attentive body worker. She followed my cycles and the different stages of my pregnancy in order to appropriately treat me. She concentrated on specific muscle groups that I brought to her attention, as well as others that she identified based on my symptoms and tissue feel from week to week. Jess skillfully uses a number of body work techniques in order to provide the best client experience. I would highly recommend integrating body work with Jess into your self care regimen.


  • I saw Meghan Berg for an acupuncture treatment when I was 10 days past my due date with my first baby. She was so calm and reassuring, and the acupuncture treatment I received from her was wonderful and really relaxing. I left feeling peaceful and calm. And most importantly, I went into labor that same evening!


  • I saw Jess Noble through my pregnancy and was so appreciative of her gentle yet effective massage treatments. I really struggled with low back pain during my pregnancy and my treatments with Jess really helped!


  • I highly recommend bodywork with Jess; she provides great expertise and has a very caring nature! I've found the bodywork to be a wonderful compliment to my acupuncture and herb treatments. It is beneficial to my health, as well as extremely relaxing!


  • After trying to become pregnant for over a year, during which I did four rounds of Clomid and progesterone, I was given the most frustrating diagnosis: "unexplained infertility." My husband and I were considering more aggressive fertility treatment when a friend of mine suggested acupuncture and recommended Kara Yorkhall of Fertile Ground. I was nervous about having acupuncture because of my needle phobia, but figured that all other types of fertility treatment would involve needles anyway, and this seemed like a more gentle, promising approach. During our first appointment, Kara asked me several questions no doctor had thought to ask. For the first time in my journey to become pregnant, I felt like someone listened to me. I remember feeling surprised and relieved that someone wanted my input in this journey, and Kara was the only person who involved me. Her assessment of my symptoms offered a whole body/mind perspective, rather than simply focusing on what Western medicine regarded important. It took several months of weekly acupuncture appointments combined with herbal treatments that Kara made according to our discussions of what was happening in my body and mind each time I met with her, but I became pregnant without needing any other type of fertility treatment. My pregnancy was healthy and successful, and now my husband and I have a beautiful baby girl. I experienced a lot of post partum anxiety, and Kara was there to help me through that too. I continued to have appointments with her every one to two weeks until our daughter was about five months old. These gave me a chance to breathe and relax and learn to manage my anxious thoughts so I could be a better mother and enjoy my parenting experience much more. We love our little family. The day my friend recommended Kara was the day our lives changed. It is rare to cross paths with someone so genuine and compassionate, and we are so lucky. One thousand thank yous does not seem like enough to express how grateful we are to have worked with Kara. She is a truly gifted person.